A simplified sustainability certification solution for chains and groups

"The ChainConnect service has helped us to introduce a more systematic approach to sustainability"

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Travelife ChainConnect makes it easier for hotel groups with ten or more properties to achieve internationally recognised sustainability certification across their portfolio.

By working closely with staff at corporate headquarters, we can help ensure that centralised policies, systems and reporting are in place that will make it easier to achieve consistency at individual properties within your group. Each property will undergo an independent Travelife audit that is far more likely to run smoothly and with good outcomes because sustainability improvements and education are coordinated at a central level.

A practical and personalised process for head office staff

"Travelife helped and guided us through the preparation process for the audits at each hotel."

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Dedicated support

Your group will have access to a team of three dedicated professionals to take you and your properties through every step of your journey towards better business; a Travelife Account Manager, a Travelife Technical Specialist and an independent Travelife Approved Auditor who has been specially trained to handle hotel groups.

Centralised approach

Your Travelife support team will help you prepare for a Head Office Document Check that will help ensure that the better business practices you employ are consistent throughout your portfolio and streamline the certification process.  Click here to read more about the ChainConnect certification process.

Tools and resources

You will have access to a suite of online tools and resources to help you learn more about sustainability and to make specific improvements.  These include sustainability e-learning along with a range guides, templates and examples provided in English, Spanish, Greek and Turkish.

Customised to your business

Our industry experience has helped us understand that every chain or group will have their own unique considerations when it comes to implementing better business practices.  That is why we have different options we can discuss with you for different operational needs of hotel groups and their properties. 

Click here to get in touch with a ChainConnect specialist who will be happy to provide a tailored proposal especially for your business

You can find more information about Travelife at our main website www.travelifestaybetter.com